DSD4121RV Digital TV Receiver
This receiver is certified for the VAST satellite service.
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The PVR upgrade kit contains the following items
-New Remote Control
-New Manual
-Scratch Panel with unique registration code
To activate the PVR functionality Visit the activation page and fill the form with unique registration code and decoder card serial number.

Once you have received your unique 16 digit activation key you will then be able to convert your DSD4121 into a Digital Recorder.
To enter the activation code you simply need to press the PVR button on your new remote control.
Once the unique 16 digit code is entered your DSD4121 is PVR Ready
At Absolute Caravan Care we realise that TV is not always the most important item on the
holidaying list, but with an ever changing world and technology, TV seems to be easier than
ever to take with you on holidays and the easiest type is Satellite TV, with satellite TV you
are guarantied where ever you may be, from the furtherest reaches of the Australian
outback to your favorite weekend spot, you can stay in touch with the News, Weather, that
Important Football game and all the other Digital TV channels which you get at home.
With the Optus Aurora broadcast about to be turned off in the first half of 2013, the new Digital
Satellite broadcast replacing it is "VAST".
We have all the equipment in store to upgrade your old Optus Aurora receiving equipment or for
the people who are new to it all, VAST caravaning kit and for the people who want to totally spoil
themselves a range of totally automatic satellite units.
The new 12volt unit.
VAST satellite reciever.
Our most popular kit to date. The VAST Satellite kit is only a
240volt kit and has everything you will ever need for
satellite TV viewing.

Does not include installation.

DSD4121RV Digital TV Receiver 12VOLT
80cm Steel Offset Dish
Universal Tripod stand.
Removable arm adaptor
High Gain LNB 10.7GHz Ku.
20mt Roll of RG6 Tri-Sheild cable with water proof ends.
2 x Fly lead & F-Type slip on fittings.
Thru-van-wall waterproof cable inlet & outlet plate.
4 x 90degree cable joiners.
Magnetic Angle finder.
Lensatic Compass
Audible analog Satellite Finder.
Step by step, easy follow instructions
Instructional DVD
307 page PDF for Setting and Tunning.

The in's and out's
Labgear SQ708 digital satellite quality meter

•8 most popular satellite services pre-programmed
•Instrument will only "lock" on the service selected
•Each programmed service has the choice of 4 available LNB's
•Audible tone for eyes off alignment
•Signal strength and signal quality indicators
•Can be powered via a set top box or by supplied Li-Ion
•Handy wrist strap allows for hands free operation
Latest in Satellite tuning is the Labgear self powered Sat Finder.
This unit can be used either with or without the need of a connection to the satellite reciever, so you
can tune your dish into the satellite first then finish the setup of your equipment.
Quality Service You Can Rely On...
The all new design Automated Unit for Australia's future in TV
In addition to popular features found in the Oyster Digital, such as its high-performance 85cm dish,
premium Acer Twin LNB, powerful Valeo motors and state of the art German design and engineering.
The Oyster Vision 3 introduces the following:
Receiver independent

The Oyster Vision 3 will locate
the Optus C1 / D 3satellite for
you and your satellite receiver,
VAST or pay TV will do the rest.
Oyster Vision 3 benefits in full:

• Digital satellite search
• Receiver-independent with user-friendly control unit and multiple languages
• LEM (Last Elevation Memory) technology for reduced search times - antenna
searches at the elevation angle of last reception
• Operates in adverse weather conditions
• Automatic retraction at vehicle start – and like a real oyster, contents are
protected when the shell is closed
(function is optional)
• High-quality craftsmanship and durable materials
• 3 year nation wide warranty and reliable service
• German Design & Engineering
Totally redesigned skew
A fully encased powerful motor
moves the LNB via worm drive
for fast and accurate adjustment.
This smart design makes it
possible for LNB servicing to be
carried out in just five minutes.
Update via integrated
SD-card reader
When a software update
becomes necessary, the files
can be downloaded from the
Smartsat website, put on a SD
card and the system updates
itself within minutes, no need
for a technician or service
Just pulled up to your perfect
holiday spot?
It’s time to impress the locals with your
The all new Sphere Automated
Satellite System is here.
Benefits at a Glance:
‣ Comes with a mounting base plate (pre-
which makes it easier to install and offers
weight distribution on the RV roof top

‣ 12V operational

‣ Offers the user more for less (SASS
features a
twin LNB - 10.7GHz)

‣ In Door Unit (IDU) comes with x4 mounting
brackets that allow for under or over shelf

‣ Dedicated to search for the C1/D3 satellites,
making the selection process even easier
than ever
Closed height (from roof top to top of closed
satellite): 200mm

Size of mounting base plate: 700 x 400 (mm) -
this is pre-drilled around the base. The
mounting base plate should be glued and
screwed to the roof.

Recommended clearance (from centre of
rotating head):
600mm - surrounding items such as air cons
or hatches must not be taller than 260mm. If
surrounding items are taller than 260mm,
more clearance is needed.
450mm - surrounding items must not be taller
than 190mm.
200mm - surrounding items must not be taller
than 70mm.
Installed Weight: 19Kg (including cables and
controller), 16Kg
(roof mount/base plate only)
Key Features:
STi7111 Secure Processor Core
MPEG-2/4 High Definition
DVB-S2 Front end
F-Type Satellite input
IRDETO secure silicon conditional access
450 MHz core processor
Over-the-Air secure software download
HDMI output
Component video output
Coaxial S/PDIF digital audio output
Optical digital audio output
Dolby digital audio
Stereo audio outputs
USB 2.0 interface
8 Day electronic program guide
Australian VAST certified
External 240V/12Volt DC power supply
The DSD 4121 RV is a MPEG 2/4 High Definition digital set top box designed specifically to
meet the requirements of the Optus Aurora Digital platform and associated VAST certification
The DSD 4121 RV utilizes mature tried and tested technology that allows connectivity to both
flat panel and legacy CRT TV’s. The product has been future proofed through the
incorporation of an Ethernet port for connection to the internet and USB port that can
convert the unit as a PVR unit and/or for media playback.
The DSD 4121 has been designed with an external 12 Volt D.C power supply which provides
portability allowing a traveler to connect this decoder to a well regulated 12 Volt D.C supply.
For specifications on this receiver please refer to Altech UEC http://www.uec.com.au/au/index.
Please note: Absolute does not accept any responsibility in regard to the activation of this
receiver. Please check with VAST broadcasters if you are eligible for the VAST service.
Absolute will not accept any returns of receivers from customers who cannot get the service
For more information on VAST please visit www.mysattv.com.au or www.digitalready.gov.au
or www.myvast.com.au
Viewer Access Satellite Television for the
caravaner, gets you TV anywhere.
Humax HDR-1003S
Comes in two models:
No HDD VAST single tuner Satellite Receiver
With HDD Twin Tuner  PVR Satellite Receiver
Satellite STB Receiver.

This HUMAX HDR-1003S VAST HD PVR satellite receiver is a twin tuner PVR
complete with a 500 GB internal Hard Disk Drive. This Personal Video
Recorder (PVR) permits the viewing of one channel and recording of
another at the same time. It is one of only 2 Twin Tuner PVR boxes
certified and approved for use with the Viewer Access Satellite Television
(VAST) service. The VAST system incorporates the very latest satellite
modulation, compression and encryption protocols which prevents the
use of 3rd party satellite receivers for VAST reception. The VAST box
comes complete with a smartcard which is married to the box preventing
the smartcard being used in any other box (approved or not).

The HD-1003S comes with an ethenet port which when connected to the
internet enables the play back of programs on ABC's IVIEW and SBS's ON
DEMAND catch up services.

The Humax HDR-1003S has a few defining features.

Made In Korea : The only VAST certified receiver not manufactured in

Internal Fan:  The only VAST certified receiver with an internal cooling fan.
(the others rely on ambient circulation)

Front Channel Display: The only VAST box that display the full channel
name on the front display ie ABC1 WA. (the others show simply a number)

Removable HDD: The only VAST certified receiver in which you can
remove & replace the HDD.
Ready Satellite STB Receiver.

This HUMAX HDR-1003S No HDD VAST satellite receiver is a
twin tuner PVR ready unit. This unit can be upgraded to a PVR
with the purchase of a Humax Internal 500GB HDD or source
your own HDD with the purchase of a Humax HDD Cradle.

The HD-1003S comes with an ethenet port which when
connected to the internet enables the play back of programs
on ABC's IVIEW and SBS's ON DEMAND catch up services. You
can also purchase a Humax WIFI dongle to connect your box
to your home WIFI.
The Humax HDR-1003S has a few defining features.

IP TV Features: The only VAST certified receiver to have
internet connectivity enabling IPTV feature such as ABC iView

Made In Korea: The only VAST certified receiver not
manufactured in China.

Internal Fan: The only VAST certified receiver with an internal
cooling fan. (the others rely on ambient circulation)

Front Channel Display:  The only VAST box that display the full
channel name on the front display ie ABC1 WA. (the others
show simply a number)

Removable HDD: The only VAST certifed receiver in which you
can remove & replace the HDD.

WA Imported: The only VAST certified receiver imported
directly to WA.
MRB5246 - EC6884 - EW124745 - MR11711
(08) 9240 4552
unit 1/16 Abrams Street
Balcatta, WA. 6021

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Closed Saturdays
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Closed Saturdays
   240volt or 12volt you choose how you want to use it.

The SatKing DVBS2-800CA VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television)
certified high definition satellite receiver brings a new level of features to
the Australian VAST platform. Designed with ease of use in mind customers
will find this VAST receiver a pleasure to use. From first turn on you will
notice the unit is super fast to turn on and scan in channels, the Optus VAST
card is already loaded in the decoder for you. A large remote control with
easy to read and use buttons with built in learning function to take over
basic controls of your TV (no need for two remote controls any more). The
compact design is a real winner measuring 220 mm in width and very low
power consumption, well below 15 watts.  With PVR ready via USB as
standard simply connect your external USB device to use to unit as a PVR.
You will also find a fast operating and easy to read 8 day Electronic Program
Guide (EPG).

The unit can be used for either VAST traveller customers (12 Volt) or VAST at
home customers (240 Volt) via the included power pack. For self installation
SatKing has developed an internal signal finder with an intensity beeper to
assist with installations the higher the signal the faster the beeping and an
electronic map built in to give you your coordinates for easier dish
positioning. The unit also has a detailed electronic help guide and handy
features like a USB speed test to test your USB device. For the VAST
traveller caravan market the unit also has an optional IR target so you can
place the VAST decoder in a cupboard and hide the unit out of sight also
handy two place the unit behind large screen TV’s in home when you don’t
want to look at the STB. Commercial installations and customers with older
TV’s will find the built in RF modulator of great assistance, you can simply
use the SatKing decoder on any TV new or old without any extra expense.
Satking DVBS2-800CA VAST Certified 12V Satellite Receiver
• Australian VAST certified
• High definition MPEG-4
• 12/240 Volt operation for home or RV use
• Compact size 220 mm x 180 mm x 47 mm
• Friendly bright coloured menu
• Signal finder with beeper
• USB PVR ready as standard (compatible
with most drives and memory sticks)
• Large button remote with learning
• Fast operating 8 day EPG
• Infrared target (optional)
• Parental control
• Time shift function via PVR
• Program auto tune with reminder
• HDMI output
• Component output
• CVBS output
• RF modulator
• Digital audio (Coaxial & S/PDIF)
• Dolby digital audio
• LNB loop out (for connection to another
• USB-2.0
• USB speed test
• DiSEqC 1.0/1.2 supported
• Adjustable LNB settings
• Low power consumption (less than 15 W)
• Over the air software download
• Subtitles supported
• IRDETO secure silicon inside