Solar panels are an environmentally friendly (and more cost effective in the long run) solution
to charge your battery in between use.
They work by using photoelectric materials such as silicon, which produce electricity when
photons from sunlight strike the solar module or cell. Your charged battery can then run your
fridge, lights or even your TV throughout the night.
The D250S DUAL charger obtains its energy from DC sources such as alternators
and solar panels. The D250S DUAL automatically selects the best connected DC
energy source (of 2) for the purpose and switches between these energy sources
to achieve high efficiency multi-stage charging. The D250S DUAL is particularly
suitable for charging Caravans, Motor-Homes and boats that do not have access
to grid power supplies.
Charging automatically starts as soon as DC energy is provided to the charger,
such as from alternators when a vehicle is started or from solar panels when
connected. The D250S DUAL has a temperature sensor which ensures optimal
charging voltages at all temperatures.
The D250S DUAL ensures that your batteries are always in good condition, quick
charging and long battery lifetimes.  
Mono-Crystalline solar panels are one the most efficient commercially viable photo voltaic
solar collectors on the market today.
Mono-Crystalline photo voltaic electric solar energy panels have been the go-to choice for
many years, and are among the oldest, most efficient, and most dependable of
technologies.  If you have ever seen black or iridescent blue panels on a roof or powering a
device, they were probably Mono-Crystalline panels.  
Each module is made from a single silicon crystal, and is more efficient, though they are
more expensive, than the newer and cheaper Poly-Crystalline types.

How Does a Solar Panel Work?
Solar or photo voltaic (photo = light, voltaic = voltage or electricity) cells are created from
special materials such as Silicon (Si) mixed with other elements, which when exposed to
sunlight will generate an electrical current. Basically sunlight is absorbed into the photo
voltaic material, which in turn knocks electrons within the material loose.
This allows the electrons to flow freely within the material structure, creating an electrical
current through friction, much like a statically charged balloon on your hair.
Impurities are added to silicon structures to assist in the generation of an electrical current.
These impurities are selected to form n-type (negatively charged) and p-type (positively
charged) silicon structures.

But PLEASE Be Warned:
There are different grades of photoelectric Mono-Crystalline cells entering the
market as of 2010, with manufacturers making lower grades of photoelectric cells to
compete with the Poly-Crystalline panel prices, the physical size of the panels have
increased and the longevity, performance, and efficiency decreased, so don't be
fooled into buying the cheapest Mono-Crystalline panels you can get your hands on
thinking they will perform the same as more expensive ones, in fact the lower grade
panels are out performed by the same sized Poly-Crystalline cells which have a
lower wattage rating .
If you are buying anything lower than an "A" grade cell you will making a more
costly choice as you will require more physical panels and space to achieve the
same performance.
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REDARC aim to provide the ultimate in solar solutions with easy to install and use products designed for the
Caravaner, Camper or Motorhome user.
Our range features standard flat panels, folding panel kits, thin film able to be rolled up and folding which both
feature our Exclusive "Maximum Power Point Tracking" (MPPT) algorithm.

REDARC has been designing and manufacturing automotive electronic components for the OEM,
recreational and after-market industry sectors for over 30 years.
We are the power conversion experts and now, we’re applying that expertise to a range of solar
products and equipment.
REDARC don’t simply offer a range of separate products. It’s a complete, flexible system designed
to ensure you get the maximum possible power from the sun, and save it for use any time of day or
night with all your 12volt device.
REDARC’s power management tools ensure that you always have power available when you need it.

Monocrystalline vs. Polycrystalline?
Solar panels (Mono or Poly crystalline) are created from multiple ‘wafers’ of silicon connected together in series
and/or parallel to form a solar ‘module’.
These wafers are created from silicon ingots. The ingots are either block-cast from multiple silicon
crystals (polycrystalline) or grown to form a single crystalline structure (monocrystalline).
Due to the multiple crystal structure of the Polycrystalline panels, electrons can become trapped in the crystal grain
boundaries, which is
detrimental to the cell performance.

The typical efficiency rating for :  
• Environmentally friendly
• An abundant power source
• No ongoing cost
• Makes no noise
• No moving parts
• Low DC voltage output, providing safe application
Why Solar?
Solar power is one of the cleanest forms of energy known to man.
Sunlight is a natural renewable source of power, and it is free.
In one hour more energy from the sun falls on the earth than what is used by the entire
world population in one year.
Polycrystalline panel is around the
13.5% mark at the 25°C, this will drop
by around 18 – 25% at 50°C.
Monocrystalline panels are around  
9.5% at the 25°C mark, which drops
at 50°C by around 12 – 15%.
Standard Solar Panels
REDARC standard
monocrystalline flat panels
are highly efficient with a
robust design. A tempered
glass coating and a sturdy
aluminium frame ensure
withstand harsh road
conditions and extreme
weather conditions.
Each panel is tested at
time of manufacture to
conform to CE standards,
so you can be sure that
the panel output is exactly
as described in its
• Monocrystalline
• Strong Aluminium Frame
• Tempered glass coating
• Diode protected
• 5 year structural
• 25yr/80% efficiency
Monocrystalline Portable
Folding Panel Kits
REDARC portable folding
solar panel kits are
designed to provide a
complete solar charging
solution for your house or
auxiliary battery. They
feature the folding panel,
our 10 Amp or 20 Amp
solar regulator, 5m of
cabling, tent pegs and a
strong nylon carry bag.
The panel itself features
reinforced aluminum legs,
top quality hinges and
latches and a fold-away
• Reinforced aluminium
• Regulator included
• Tough nylon carry bag
• Quality cable assembly
• Tent peg to secure your
• Detailed wiring and
setup instructions
• 25yr/80% efficiency
Solar Ready Battery
REDARC In-vehicle
Battery Chargers and
Battery Management
Systems feature
technology designed
to charge your batteries to
100%, regardless of
their type or size. By
providing a unique
charging profile to each
specific battery type,
Ready Battery Chargers
are able to achieve and
maintain an optimal
charge in your auxiliary
battery, at all times.
The In-vehicle Battery
Chargers and Battery
Management Systems
incorporate a Maximum
Power Point Tracking
(MPPT) solar regulator,
allowing you to deliver the
maximum amount of
power from your solar
panels to your auxiliary
Monocrystalline Folding
REDARC thin film
monocrystalline solar
modules offer the
efficiency of
technology in a
conveniently sized Our
folding panels are
constructed using heavy
duty canvas materials
making them suitable for
off-road and outback
• Multi-stage charging
• Dual battery outputs
• LED indication
• Remote monitor
• Remote temperature
sensor (optional)
• 2 year warranty
• Upgrade power output
by linking panels
• Monocrystalline
• Tough canvas backing
• 2 year structural
• 15yr/80% effi ciency
REDARC solar regulators
Ensure that the power
supplied by your solar
panels is at the right
voltage to charge your
Our regulators are
suitable for charging up to
two separate battery
banks and come in both
10A and 20A models.
REDARC solar regulators
come with an informative,
user friendly remote
monitor which allows you to
keep track of what your
solar panels are producing
and the state of your
Amorphous Solar Panels
REDARC thin film
amorphous solar modules
offer the latest in solar
technology in a light
weight, conveniently sized
Our thin fi lm amorphous
type solar modules are
designed to provide high
efficiency in a robust,
flexible construction.
Rollable panels are
backed with vinyl to protect
against wear and tear and
our folding panels are
constructed using heavy
duty canvas materials
making them suitable for
off-road and outback
• Upgrade power output
by linking panels together
• Flexible design
• Tough canvas backing
• 2 year structural
• 15yr/80% efficiency
Solar Panel Mounting
REDARC offers a range of
accessories designed to
make mounting and
installing your solar panels
as easy as possible.
Our ABS Plastic mounting
system is simple and easy
to install and fits any panel
size in our selection.
Corner mounts are
designed to provide a
stable mounting for any
size of standard solar
Side mounts are designed
for mounting multiple
panels together.
Spoiler mounts are
designed to reduce any
wind noise whilst travelling.
Our Aluminium mounting
kit allows you to adjust
the angle of your solar
panels. Direct sunlight on
your panels increases the
amount of power they
will produce.
Our cable glands make it
easy to wire your solar
panel setup into your
Caravan or RV with a
Installation Accessories
REDARC offers a range
of Solar Regulator
Installation Accessories
designed for simplicity
solar installation.
We offer 5m and 10m
cable lengths allowing
you to mount your panel
at a desired distance
from your vehicle
enabling you to park in
the shade and place
your panel in the sun.
Our ‘Y’ adaptors allow for
additional panels to be
connected to your setup
without worrying about
having to splice or solder
wires together.
The 1.5m Regulator to
Battery Cable makes
adding another battery to
your system quick and
We also offer Anderson
or Alligator clip Battery
Cables for those who do
not want to permanently
install the wiring to their
second auxiliary or house
Our portable solar panel
and regulator kit contains
the cables you need to
connect your thin film
portable (amorphous or
monocrystalline) panels to
your regulator.
The easy way to
tell the quality of
the panels your
are looking at
On the left is a typical cheap portable panel, if you have a close look at the size of each individual solar cell you will
notice they are what is called half cells or the "off cuts" from the full cell, the part that is considered by solar
manufacturers to be a waste product of growing the full cells, these waste cells are bought by other companies
who use them to construct cheap panels, the regulator is also commonly attached to the back of the panel,
meaning a long small cable is used to connect to the battery resulting in a large amount of volt drop meaning less
efficiency for charging at the battery, resulting in the battery running out of charge quicker.

On the right is a Redarc portable panel, if you have not already compared the two you can see the difference, they
use full cells, allowing the panel to have a true rated output, plus the regulator is remote to the panel this is an
absolute must, the regulator needs to be next to the battery it is charging to reduce volt drop.

The big difference is the half cells will not product the full voltage and current as promoted e.g. A 120watt panel can
only really achieve around 2/3 it rated output, there is no regulation for false wattage ratings, panels are rated on
physical size and number of cells for output, this means the cheaper panel commonly sold as bargains at annual
shows and retail outlets importing straight out of China are not really what they say they are.
This is the same for the full sized permanently mounted panels, we are now finding more customers coming in for
help because they bought cheap instead of quality and the outcome often costs more in the end.
All our systems are built to suit the needs of the customer.
A cheaper made copy of a
proper portable panel
A Redarc Full Cell portable panel,
Click on the link for more info.
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